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"We are dedicated to continuing the tradition of teaching talented, up and coming engineers, through the power of the internet."

Here at PALs, we realize that not everybody has the ability to drop everything, upend their lives and move across the country to attend an Academic Audio Program. We also realize that not every lesson worth learning is taught in a school. Many of the tips and tricks used by the industry's top professionals were not learned in a formal classroom setting, but rather from watching over the shoulders of veteran engineers. For decades, this was the only way to learn and perfect this craft. There is a great history and almost tradition of top-level recording and mixing engineers taking the 'new flock' under their wing and teaching them the tricks of the trade. With so many major studios closing over the last 20 years and with the technology used to produce music being so easily obtainable, we have lost much of that tradition. Pro Audio Lessons Founder, Michael Oskam, noticed this and seized the opportunity to continue the tradition of teaching, not only the up and coming engineers of the future but, anyone and everyone who is passionate about writing and producing music, through the power of the internet. Now, people who never, in their wildest dreams, would have been able to step inside a high-end studio to watch a professional work, are being taught the same, long-kept secrets of old, from the comforts of their own homes.


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