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Makso Mixing's high end mixing and mastering services are designed to take your music to the next level. We specialize in everything from small tweaks to major overhauls, helping you achieve the sound you've been dreaming of. Whether you're a solo artist, band, or music producer, our high end mixing and mastering services will give you the competitive edge you need to stand out in the industry.




Mixing - Per Song rates (Discount rates available for Full Albums)

Mixing is the art of combining individual tracks and elements of a song to create a balanced and cohesive final mix. This includes adjusting the volume levels, panning, and equalization of each element to ensure clarity and harmony. Additionally, effects such as reverb and compression are applied to enhance the overall sound and create a polished and professional result. Mixing is a crucial stage where the various elements come together to create a unified and sonically pleasing audio experience. 

Mastering - Per Song Rates (Discount rates available for Full Albums)

Mastering is the final step before distribution and involves preparing the mixed tracks for a consistent and high-quality listening experience across different playback systems. This includes finalizing the overall loudness, optimizing the tonal balance, and ensuring uniformity throughout the entire album or project. The goal is to create a polished and cohesive final product that translates well across various platforms and meets industry standards for commercial release.

Mix & Master - Per Song Rates

(Discount rates available for Full Albums)

All of your Mixing and Mastering needs can be met under one roof. Not only does that keep your cost down but it ensures that you'll be receiving the very best results. Having an experienced professional see your creation through from Mix to Master is an incredible advantage. 

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